Welcome to Lady Gets A Gun!  

My name is Maureen Rogers and I am the lady you see pictured in the above photo.  My mission is to Educate women with knowledge of firearm basics, safety and personal responsibility.  To Empower women with a survival, "will win" attitude for family, personal and home protection and to Enable women to overcome fear and elevate their mindset from being a potential victim to a confident victor.  And to comfortably shoot the handgun of their choice.

My vision is to mobilize a network of women who are mentally prepared, physically armed, and spiritually empowered to have the courage and confidence to protect their families, homes and selves from harm. 

To be able to pass my knowledge on to others, I have earned my Certification as an NRA (National Rifle Association) handgun instructor qualifying me to teach.  I have trained at Front Sight Training Institute in Nevada and also trained with Matt Canovi in Missouri completing his training course.



Course Outline
  Knowledge and safe handling of firearm
Knowledge, skills & attitude
Parts of a firearm, types of actions and how they function
NRA rules
Safe handling of firearms

Ammunition and fundamentals of shooting
Knowledge, skills & attitude
Components of a cartridge
Firing sequence
Indentify and store ammunition
Types of malfunctions
Dry practice shooting fundamentals
Scoring targets

Selection and maintenance of a firearm
Knowledge, skills & attitude
Selecting and purchasing a firearm
Field disassembly, clean, assemble firearm

 Live fire shooting at gun range
Knowledge, skills & attitude
Range safety rules
Shoot from bench rest position at a target
Shoot from 2 handed standing position at a target

Opportunities for skill development
Shooting activities & opportunities
Course evaluation & examination